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Mechanical Acre Counters by Acreage Control Systems, Inc.

Mount one of these counters on your tool bar when you plant, cultivate, treat or harvest -- set it to zero -- forget it till the planting is done, then read the counter direct in acres -- that's all. It will count nothing but actual planting -- no turn rows, no fence lines, no lanes. Gives you the real accurate figures you need for checking application and seeding rates and keeping accurate crop records.
We Manufacture Mechanical Acre Counters for Farmers
Controlled Application Rates Saves You Money On:
No switches to remember to turn on and off and no factors
to program in to get a reading.
These counters are durable, made of steel and iron in the U.S.A.
No plastic gears to break and no magnets to lose.
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Acreage Control Systems Inc
1168 So Adams St.
Denver, Co. 80210
Nationwide (303) 733-3114
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Family Owned for Over 43 Years

Use The Acre Counter
With this accurate, automatic mechanical acre counter, you know the amount you are planting or applying. Reads direct to 1/1000 acres.
Durable, trouble free; used over 43 years throughout the U.S.
Ideal for custom work & irregular fields.
Helps you conform to acreage allotments.
Pays for itself on 10 acres or more.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.
Acreage Control Systems, Inc.
1168 So Adams St.
Denver, Co. 80210
Nationwide: (303) 733-3114

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